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Abbett Elementary School - Newsletters


Dear Abbett Families, 

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I want to discuss our arrival procedures.  We are now opening our doors at 7:55am.  All students that are on school property are expected to enter the building at that time.  Students report to the gym and are seated by classroom.  Supervision is provided by administrative staff until 8:05, when the students are picked up by their classroom teacher and walked to class.  Students are given the opportunity to pick up their breakfast on the way to class each morning after leaving the gymnasium.  I have been very proud of the way our students have adopted to the new arrival procedures.

Our purpose in changing the arrival procedure is to provide a more safe and orderly arrival for students and to avoid students standing outside during poor weather conditions.  We are asking that students are not dropped off much before 7:55am, but we are also encouraging families to take advantage of the earlier arrival time.  

We hope that all families will take advantage of the extended arrival time to help us reduce student tardy and promote enhanced stability to be beginning of our school day.

Thanks you for your support of our school and allowing us the flexibility to make changes that are in the best interest of your children.

Frank Kline